Shelbourne Christmas 2014

Dear All

Hope you have had a warm, relaxing and lovely Christmas this year.

Here in Southport it has been relatively warm and there has been no snow – we have been known to get snow in April – so plenty of time to go yet!

In 2014 Southport has new Christmas Lights – the Council have been busy taking down the old lights and winding new white led lights around the trunks and branches of tree-lined Lord Street.  At each end of the main streets there are bigger displays – and at our roundabout we have sparkling balls and a ‘Welcome to Southport’ sign!  There is a picture of the ball lit up (for David R – the sign hadn’t gone up yet), and one later at night.

In the Apartments we have been busy putting up Christmas trees and have 2 new Twig Trees – in Apartments 3 and 7 (the penthouses).  We also have 2 new Dolce Gusto coffee machines for guests to use, new comfy red settees for Apartment #7 including a big sofa bed, new fridge in Apartment #2, new hob in Apartment #1 and a new 4-slice toaster for Apartment #3 :)

And finally Jack the Cat, Melanie, David, Pat & Norman wish you a very Happy and Hearty 2015.  All the very best from the Shelbourne and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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